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Be ready to respond on short notice!

Estejaba incident management software is a smart and zero-mistake alarming system, through which you can perfectly leverage your predefined human safety procedures.

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About Estejaba

Estejaba is a scalable platform for quick and effective communication with your people and stakeholders to manage your organization's response during a crisis.

Quick response and the trust of your people is everything during a crisis or an unexpected event. You need to cut through the noise in normal times, and in the age of social-distancing and COVID-19, every organization needs to share information to quickly rectify the situation, protect employees and assets, ensure business continuity, and comply with the instructions from various authorities.

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Our Strength

Prepare the response scenario-based notifications to incidents and crisis events

Estejaba incident management software makes your organization's response during a crisis an easy process. Using Estejaba, design workflows and implement communications procedures for any type of crisis affecting your business continuity or stakeholders' safety.

Our Strength

Powerful Features

  • Multi-channel communication
  • Highly secure two-way notifications
  • Multilingual messages
  • Geo-Intelligent location
  • Seamless integration
  • Configurable Workflow
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Our Approach is Pretty Simple and Clear

Define Events

Any type of crisis that could effect your business continuity or your stakeholders safety

Targeted Stakeholders

Add the contact details of your employees, clients, visitors or occupants to be notified with Estejaba alarming system


Use a multilayer authority approval system to launch the crisis response protocol

Trigger Event

Now you’re ready and prepared to trigger whenever the crisis is here, Estejaba will do the useful notifications

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With audience-first approach, Estejaba works perfectly with many industries, spanning from big enterprises to malls and shops.

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