Estejaba, For Better Responses and Incident Management

Estejaba, For Better Responses and Incident Management

Estejaba, For Better Responses and Incident Management

Crises… It is the most frequent word in our daily life and the most crucial issue that requires continuous solutions. It is not only us who suffer from crises. In fact, organizations and enterprises are among the victims. Organizations today face an unprecedented number of diseases, human-made events and natural disasters. This poses a significant risk to business continuity, as well as employee and public safety. From here, a smart and zero-mistake incident management software became an essential need. In the next lines, we’ll walk you through what incident management systems are about, and we’ll have a glance at what our solution is and what its functions are… Estejaba.

Estejaba, For Better Responses and Incident Management
What is an Incident Management Software?

An incident is any event that occurs and requires further investigation and an appropriate response, but not all incidents are simple, in more and more cases, organizations need to pay attention to many important points. Sharing information, quickly rectifying the situation, protecting employees and assets, ensuring business continuity, and complying with instructions from various authorities are key activities during an incident and by not having a software, which helps you in planning for it before hand, might bring huge headaches to your organization.

What are the functions of Estejaba?

Estejaba is a scalable platform for quick and effective communication with your people and stakeholders to manage your organization’s response during a crisis. Estejaba emerged to achieve many functions:

Protecting Stakeholders and Regulatory Compliance:

This is crucial in the age of social-distancing and COVID-19, diseases, storms, floods, fires, hacking, cyber-attacks, evacuations, and accidents.

Ensuring the Best Communication Means:

Communications are the most crucial part in ensuring business continuity and incidents management in the times of social distancing. Moreover, communicating information and instructions is the most important factor in managing a crisis successfully.

Smart Alarming System:

Organizations must be ready to respond on short notice. In addition, they need to leverage the predefined human safety procedures in a smart alarming system (Estejaba).

What industries does Estejaba work with?

With audience-first approach, Estejaba works perfectly with many industries, spanning from big enterprises to malls and shops. Those are:

• Government Institutions

• Energy & Utility Companies

• Oil and Gas Companies

• Telecom Companies

• Financial Services Providers

• Education Institutions

• Healthcare Providers

• Property Services Providers

In few words,  Estejaba will help organizations respond swiftly to inform, guide, and instruct stakeholders and protecting their businesses. Therefore, when using Estejaba, stakeholders in critical events would surely get guidance, instructions, and information needed quickly and accurately.

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