Organized, yet Easy

An Engaging Onboarding Experience for your New Hires

A visual automation software that helps you connect, engage and wow the new employees.

Welcome your new hire

Welcome your new Hire.

Create a seamless onboarding process, track your new hire onboarding flow and check all the necessary tasks.

Setup all the necessary logistics

Setup all Necessary Logistics.

Getting everything ready for your new hire could be a challenge, a lot of phone calls should be done, ton of paperwork are stacked, here it comes.. our solution.

Logistics Made Easier

Assisting Logistic Managers with their Job.

To get everything ready for your new hire a simple checklist can make all the difference, help your logistics to be more organized and keep your hire mangers on top of everything.

Don't lose communication

Stay in Touch.

Maintain every piece in the onboarding process connected, link the involved supervisors, head of sections and hiring managers in a very productive way, keeping your new hire in the loop.

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