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Mojodat Hotels

With Mojodat Fixed Asset Management software, you can count assets and checkout in just one click. The system prevents accumulating ghost-assets and even composed assets are accurately counted.

Mojodat Government

Fixed Asset Management software prevents duplicate purchasing by providing an accurate assets’ allocation report. Managing Fixed Assets within the entities and performing your year-end audit is an easy process.

Mojodat Oil & Gas

Manage Fixed Assets’ lifecycles, composed assets of equipment and componentry, and track transfers in real time. Mojodat can do all of this and more! Our integrated products – Mojodat Fixed AssetsMojodat Inventory

Mojodat Banking

The Mojodat Platform helps you to remain compliant with accurate financial statements. The Mojodat Fixed Asset software system is a Fixed Asset Management product that manages your bank’s IT

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Fixed Assets Management

Mojodat Fixed Assets

Providing comprehensive services that bridge the gap in ERP systems that manage fixed assets using mobile, barcode and RFID technologies.

Maintenance Management

Mojodat Maintenance

Ensure your equipment and facilities are in top condition, improve asset reliability and reduce its maintenance cost and downtime.

Inventory Management

Mojodat Inventory

Your way to effective automated warehouses.

Human Resources Management

Compass HR

Stop getting puzzled with all the stacked HR paperwork. With a few clicks, simply upload your employee profile and smoothly start the payroll calculation.

Human Resources Management

So Peak

An engaging onboarding experience for your new hires.

Financial Management


VAT compliance software for GCC. Manage invoices, transactions and business finances, and be VAT Compliant!

Incident Management


A scalable platform for quick and effective communication with your people and stakeholders to manage your organization’s response during a crisis.

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