Frequently Asked Questions

What is fixed asset management software?

Fixed Assets management software is a system that automates the procedures of tracking assets in all the stages of the asset lifecycle. The software should help in the management of the assets financially and physically, add control to avoid ghost assets, improves efficiency, manages custody, prevent losses, and help of by avoiding unnecessary equipment purchases. Asset tracking software is used to track both the information about an asset for financial purposes as well as the physical location of an asset. Asset location tracking often uses a physical tracking device like barcode or RFID to provide data on physical location.

What are the features of a good fixed asset system?

Fixed assets management is a sophisticated process that the ERP can’t perfectly achieve alone. Successful fixed asset managers require multi-functional system to complete the life cycle of the assets management. This system should manage both the financial and physical information, moreover, it is highly preferring to have advanced features like native mobile applications, smart RFID tracking, approvals workflow, custody management, manage trackable and capitalize assets, manage composed assets, an employee portal, in addition to effectively manage the preventive, predictive, corrective and maintenance.

How Mojodat is the best asset management software?

Mojodat is a fully-fledged fixed asset lifecycle management system, Mojodat Smart Asset Tracking allows the organization to manage the asset full lifecycle. Users can do wall-to-wall tagging using barcode or RFID, count asset inventory, manage mass additions, control transfers, book depreciation, and disposal. Mojodat Maintenance ensures your equipment and facilities are in top condition, improves asset reliability, and reduces the maintenance cost and downtime. It manages both protective and corrective maintenance and tracks the job orders, workshops, tools, spare parts, SOPs of the facilities and equipment. Mojodat is powered by a cutting-edge mobile/handheld application allowing the company to manage the fixed assets on locations. More than 5 million assets are managed by Mojodat at more than 125 Large Enterprises in the GCC and Africa

How much is Mojodat fixed asset software?

Mojodat fixed asset software license is available for both cloud and on-premises. Both licenses exist in Light, Basic, and Enterprise models.