Mojodat Hotels

With Mojodat Fixed Asset Management software, you can count assets and checkout in just one click. The system prevents accumulating ghost-assets and even composed assets are accurately counted. Additionally, you can verify rooms during the checkout process with speed by using the RFID feature in Mojodat Fixed Assets software. Furthermore, control your stock items in your hotel with Mojodat Inventory while Mojodat Maintenance supports you by managing a preventive schedule, tracking work tickets and keeping hotel equipment and devices in very good condition.

  • Verify the room during the check-out operation very fast by using the RFID feature
  • The audit is easy even when the hotel is fully booked
  • Manage all assets types
  • Managing Composed Assets
  • Custody Management
  • Manage inventory item, equipment, and spare parts
  • Alarm on exceeding the minimum stock and re-order level
  • Easily transfer and audit the fixed assets and the stock
  • Corrective maintenance on the facilities and equipment
  • Work Ticket and Workers full tracking
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Knowledge base management
  • Request portal
  • Native Mobile Application
  • Seamless Integration using APIs

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