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With Mojodat Fixed Asset Management software, you can count assets and checkout in just one click. The system prevents accumulating ghost-assets and even composed assets are accurately counted.

Fixed Asset Management software prevents duplicate purchasing by providing an accurate assets’ allocation report. Managing Fixed Assets within the entities and performing your year-end audit is an easy process when you …

Mojodat Oil & Gas

Manage Fixed Assets’ lifecycles, composed assets of equipment and componentry, and track transfers in real time. Mojodat can do all of this and more! Our integrated products – Mojodat Fixed Assets

Mojodat Banking

The Mojodat Platform helps you to remain compliant with accurate financial statements. The Mojodat Fixed Asset software system is a Fixed Asset Management product that manages your bank’s IT, as well as …

Your ERP system will never cover all your needs especially when it comes to using a mobile application. We can enable your team with everything you require in inventory management just from using a mobile device and we do!

The lack of keeping accurate Fixed Asset details can limit overall control and could pose a major problem. Any issues are quickly resolved with the Mojodat system. Tracking your Fixed Assets and equipment in laboratories.

The Mojodat Platform allows you to stay compliant with accurate financial statements. It manages the company IT products and other Fixed Assets in your branches through the Mojodat Fixed Assets system.

Managing the fast movement of expensive portable assets is a sophisticated process that the Mojodat system achieves to perfection. Equipment borrowed by doctors and nurse is easily trackable through the Mojodat.