Fixed Asset Management Software

Mojodat Fixed Assets manages more than 5 millions assets worldwide

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    Control Your Assets perfectly
    Control and enhance the quality of assets’ lifecycle with Mojodat, the best fixed asset management solution. With which you can make the best possible decision and move your business to the next level. Simply by getting your valuable fixed assets controlled and managed in a cost-effective manner.

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    Get improved Audit and Reporting
    Getting improved audit and reporting requires a smart fixed assets management software. Mojodat provides you with centralized and up-to-date repository of asset Information to facilitate and accelerate audit and Reporting. Simplifying compliance, accounting and reducing costs of data collection.

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    Reduce Waste Efficiently
    Identify wasteful, under-utilized or misallocated assets and resources, and support data-informed asset rationalization and asset utilization efficiently. Mojodat is the perfect fixed asset management solution and assets track movements for your business.

    The Barcode Army

    Our team will study your current fixed assets scheme, conduct gap analysis, design new operating procedures, and generate asset classification structure in addition to tagging…

    • Wall to wall inventory.
    • Control cost, reduce loses.
    • Accurate asset register.
    • RFID/Barcode technologies.
    • Cutting edge Mobile APP.

    Smart Mobile Applications

    Always keep an accurate asset register by using your smart mobile application to do the required management on the assets, track GPS and display assets on a map.