Mojodat Hospitals

Managing the fast movement of expensive portable assets is a sophisticated process that the Mojodat system achieves to perfection. Equipment borrowed by doctors and nurse is easily trackable through the Mojodat Fixed Assets’ system, and your devices are always in tip-top condition through the Mojodat Maintenance system. Furthermore, with Mojodat Inventory, stock items are to hand whenever required. The systems help you to avoid equipment downtime by scheduling preventive maintenance plans based on the analysis of asset condition data.

  • Keep the hospital facility in its top condition
  • Your devices are always in its top readiness
  • Fast borrow/return of the equipment
  • Smart RFID and IoT tracking
  • Managing Composed Assets
  • Custody Management
  • Manage inventory item, equipment, and spare parts
  • Alarm on exceeding the minimum stock and re-order level
  • Easily transfer and audit the fixed assets and the stock
  • Corrective maintenance on the facilities and equipment
  • Work Ticket and Workers full tracking
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Knowledge base management
  • Request portal
  • Native Mobile Application
  • Seamless Integration using APIs

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