Maintenance Management Software

Keep to schedules and budgets through in-depth analytics…

    Unplanned Downtime

    Avoid equipment downtime by scheduling preventive maintenance plans based on analysis of asset condition data. Maintenance request system with the approval workflow and alarming system support in reducing the malfunction fixing duration.

    Work Order Backlog

    Enhance efficiency by auto triggering work tickets when a calendar date or meter point is met. Take control of work backlog and upcoming work, make constant improvements, boost labor productivity, and remain compliant

    High Maintenance Costs

    Save time and cost by linking spare parts with assets and SOP, automatically reordering parts, and implementing barcoding. Measure the asset efficiency be comparing the maintenance cost with the asset replacement cost.

    Mojodat Maintenance Mobile Application

    Empower your work force with Mojodat Maintenance mobile applications, worker will be able to complete their daily tasks, get the help they need about asset maintenance and keep track of parts and tools.

    Smart Mobile Applications

    Always keep an accurate asset register by using your smart mobile application to do the required management on the assets, track GPS and display assets on a map.