Inventory Management Software

Limit the risk of stock-outs and inaccurate records, through a state-of-art that helps the warehouse team

    Reporting System

    Various reports can be generated through the system, so manager can track the balances and do further analysis. Mojodat inventory provides its clients with a powerful set of reports such as: Balances report, Transaction, Stocktaking and Items limit reports.

    ERP System

    Mojodat Inventory can seamlessly integrate with your ERP system to sustain the data flow consistency, prevent redundancy and simplify your life. We provide both web and mobile applications so all user can work hand in hand to meet your organisation’s goals.


    By using mobile applications, you can regularly check the goods your business currently has on hand. You can breakdown the process into smaller ones, each concerning specific stores.

    Easy To Setup


    Mojodat Inventory Mobile Application

    Empower your work force with Mojodat Inventory mobile applications, worker will be able to complete their daily tasks, get the help they need about asset maintenance and keep track of parts and tools.

    Smart Mobile Applications

    Always keep an accurate asset register by using your smart mobile application to do the required management on the assets, track GPS and display assets on a map.

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