Offering Asset management as a Service

We are offering Fixed Asset Management as a Managed Service.

Asset management has become increasingly urgent in recent years for a variety of reasons. In search of options to maximize the margins, companies start to look around in other directions, beyond their ERP systems. An asset manager monitors and maintains things of value within a business. If you adopt an asset management plan, you can effectively develop, operate, maintain, upgrade, and dispose of your assets. How about having your associated services company, auditor or consultant manage this part of your business as well? Transtek is currently implementing this service through its partners, where you are able to subscribe to Mojodat on the cloud and have professional consultants take care of risk management, the performance of the asset itself, and the associated costs related. From a service provider point of view, the service provider will be able to bundle Mojodat as a service with his offerings to his own clients, and from a client perspective, the client doesn’t have to adopt a new service provider for asset management, he will be able to receive asset management service from the same team he is used to collaborating with. So it is definitely a win-win situation, not to forget that Mojodat is able to integrate with any ERP system as it is database agnostic, which is a chance for ERP providers to fill the gap of asset management modules and collaborate with Transtek.