CMMS Maintenance Management System Benefits

CMMS Maintenance Management System Benefits

CMMS Maintenance Management System Benefits

Reduce Downtime, Cut Costs, and More

Whether you're updating your Computerized Maintenance Management System (or CMMS) or you're looking for your very first CMMS software maintenance system, the process is something that needs careful planning and consideration, no matter what business sector you're involved in.  You know that you need to keep your company's maintenance records perfectly updated in one, easily accessible place to help your business maintenance operations run as smoothly as possible. So, before you make your decision, gather as much information as you can about what a CMMS System should do for you – or read this informative piece.  We'll tell you what you need to consider before deciding. First though, let's recap on what a CMMS System is.

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What Is a CMMS System?

A Computerized Maintenance Management System – or CMMS is designed to maintain and protect your company's Equipment, Facilities, and Fixed Assets through a highly efficient system that ensures your machinery and equipment is perfectly maintained.  This reduces downtime (and reduces maintenance downtime too), improves reliability and saves you unnecessary costs.  It also helps you to easily manage your company's Fixed Asset inventory – giving you access to maintenance history and producing advance alerts as to when maintenance must be carried out.

A high-quality CMMS System such as Mojodat Maintenance should simplify workflow, manage your orders, your assets' parts and be mobile-friendly, so you can use it or access it on-the-go.  While you might think that your CMMS System needs access to the Internet, it shouldn't just rely on it, so there's no risk of failing to access it when you want to.  CMMS is also a system that provides reports and insights, whenever you require them, and a good system can integrate with other systems – such as your financial accounting system so everyone stays connected and informed about Fixed Asset Management.

There's so much more too but the main aim is to keep your productivity efficient, maximize on each asset's lifecycle and keep your business perfectly organized so when it comes to operations, your entire process is as slick as possible.

Let's move onto the two most important factors that you should consider when choosing a CMMS System for your business.

Ensure It's a Good Fit For Your Business

There are multiple CMMS Systems available but don't take the decision lightly, make sure you understand what each system does so you get the right fit for your business demands.  A small business will likely only need a simplified CMMS System unless you expect your business to experience fast growth.  If that's the case, find a system that will scale up in line with your expected growth.  If you're a big business, choose something that can integrate with your other systems in your business and has multiple functions as you will likely need it to perform more functions than those available through a simple system (which you'll outgrow quickly).  So, think about the features that you need – and those that you don't need too.

Consider Your Budget Carefully and Look for Hidden Costs

This is pretty obvious but there are other budget-elements that you need to think about, such as training up your employees, subscription costs, licensing and what the cost of upgrading your software will be.  Factor this into the cost price because it can significantly impact your budget.  Sometimes, what seems affordable isn't!

What Are The Benefits You're Looking For?

As well as the above, you do need to consider what benefits you want your CMMS System to bring you.  Ask yourself if your new CMMS System will be able to:

• Reduce your costs by introducing automation to your business.  Can you reallocate your employees to other areas or give them additional tasks?  The aim is for your CMMS System to simplify your business' workload in terms of operations and keep an eye on inventory, so it flags up any issues before they become problems (and cost you more money).  Mojodat Inventory is another excellent software designed especially for inventory management.

• Streamline your maintenance program.  By uploading all of your inventory, you can put into place a preventative maintenance software program that easily analyses your inventory and keeps your Equipment, Facilities, and Fixed Assets in good condition, prolonging life.

• Boost productivity due to a better maintenance program.  If you don't have a good maintenance program in place, problems that occur can slow down your business, for example, if you have a factory, machinery that isn't maintained can breakdown and that causes downtime, a reduction in production and costs business' money.  By having a CMMS System in place that manages inventory and maintenance, you ensure good productivity at all times.

• Manage work orders so your team can see what's coming up and prepare accordingly and automatically schedule work orders, while tracking progress.  Additionally, your CMMS will keep a record of maintenance work completed and anything scheduled for the future.

• See where your Fixed Assets are at any time, as well as who's using them.

• Supervise contractor agreements and payments.

• Produce analytics and insights so you evaluate your Fixed Assets and operations' performance.

• Be mobile.  This means your CMMS System should be accessible wherever you are located, whether in the office, in the warehouse, out on the road or anywhere else. By using a handheld mobile application, the CMMS System should be able to be easily updated and information fed straight back to the central system in real time using maintenance mobile apps, for example.

• A quality CMMS System should be able to integrate with your barcoding or RFID system so you can quickly assign tags to your Fixed Assets and track them accordingly.

• Look for a CMMS System that covers predictive maintenance – flagging up when maintenance needs to occur well in advance and also alerting you about any issues, even small issues, before they become problematic.

Choosing a CMMS System – In Summary

When selecting the right CMMS System for your business, consider all of the above.   CMMS produces preventive maintenance schedules and is recommended for all industries, whether you operate in manufacturing, facilities, property, farming, hospitality, education, government, retail, non-profit or leisure.  Your system should manage every large item from buildings to HVAC, machinery to tools, vehicles to computer systems and any large-scale, expensive equipment that needs maintenance and careful management.  In doing so, it should help increase productivity, streamline operational processes, reduce maintenance cost and minimize downtime so you get on with what is most important to you – running a highly profitable business.

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