How Can Maintenance Management System Support your Predictive Maintenance Efforts

How Can Maintenance Management System Support your Predictive Maintenance Efforts

How Can Maintenance Management System Support your Predictive Maintenance Efforts

Any business that owns expensive Fixed Assets, such as property, vehicles, machinery, tools, computers (and other items) needs to keep track of their maintenance progress using a robust preventative maintenance system.  Without effective schedules in place, a business risks unexpected downtime which slows down operational processes and impacts profit.  Manufacturers especially cannot afford unplanned downtime, when machinery isn't working to the optimum, entire production lines grind to a halt, orders don't get despatched and repairs are often extremely costly, not to mention the safety risk to employees using poorly maintained equipment.  Warranties soon expire too and without a system that keeps all information in one place, keeping an eye on preventive maintenance (without preventive maintenance software) for machinery is hard That's why it's essential to have a Computerized Maintenance Management System (or CMMS for short) in place.  These types of maintenance systems, for example, Mojodat Maintenance are vital for almost every industry sector, most especially manufacturing, hospitality, education, construction and medical – all of which use large-scale machinery that must be regularly maintained to ensure safety and to prolong its life.  In this piece, we will discuss how a CMMS maintenance management system helps you with your predictive maintenance and keeps your business running smoothly.

1. A Quality System Does Your Maintenance Planning For You

Keeping your Facilities, Equipment, and Fixed Asset maintenance data in one place is a challenge in itself without technology.  If you're reliant on paper and pen then there's huge margin for human error, not to mention where to store that information.  Filing cabinets are outdated, pieces of paper mount up (paper is not very eco-friendly too) and it's very hard to stay on top of all the information you need, plus pieces of paper get lost and damaged.

Excel isn't much better – yes of course, it documents some info on spreadsheets, but the system is not built for managing maintenance schedules and won't flag up when machinery needs maintenance.  Neither can it store all the information associated with each item.  It's also pretty much impossible to update Excel on-the-go – with a handheld device for example, because the fields are small and hard to navigate without a desktop or laptop.

A CMMS System is specifically designed for your Fixed Assets' maintenance, it keeps everything in one place, including history, recurring issues, spare parts, costs, depreciation and more.  It's accurate too and actionable – unlike paper and Excel.  There's barely any risk of error at all, the system quite literally takes care of your preventive maintenance schedules, ensuring your processes are streamlined and effective and saving you money in the long-term.

2. A CMMS System Helps You Plan In Advance and Gives You Invaluable Insights

Using CMMS, you can view your resource, labor and assets that need maintenance – in advance too, so there's time to plan-in downtime.  You can also run regular reports and gain insights into machinery lifecycle, always able to plan in advance and maintaining operational processes.  Additionally, a good CMMS System can integrate with other software in your business, which has numerous advantages as other departments, such as financial or accounting. can keep an eye on your business' costs.

3. CMMS Is Excellent For Condition-Based Monitoring

CBM technology (Condition-Based Monitoring) is vital for predictive maintenance and is how your team monitor your Fixed Assets' condition.  CBM is non-invasive and yet picks-up on deterioration before small issues become bigger problems.  This really helps with your preventative maintenance as using a handheld instrument, a technician can check an asset at any given moment using the CMMS dashboard and diagnose a problem through a selection of error codes.  As any potential issue is picked up early, it gives businesses time to schedule maintenance and prevent any unscheduled downtime.  Another advantage is that a CMMS System can even generate work orders as soon as a problem is detected, so you can deal with the problem immediately or when it's convenient.  This keeps your machinery or other equipment running smoothly – so you keep your production line or other reliable.

4. CMMS Enhances Your Productivity

Without doubt, a CMMS software maintenance system helps you to utilize your workforce more effectively.  Making decisions on maintenance programs are easy, due to the data provided by your CMMS System.  This means that tasks are automated, and this reduces the need for tedious, laborious tasks constantly checking and re-checking maintenance schedules by hand.   Using condition-monitoring sensors and linking these to your CMMS System, alerts are automatically sent to your technical team if a machine or other piece of equipment starts to deteriorate.  This means you save valuable work-time and you can re-assign tasks for better workforce productivity.  This is especially useful if you have an abundance of machinery or other equipment. The automation feature of CMMS helps you to track all maintenance much more effectively and guides you with prioritizing what needs to be done and when – even scheduling maintenance on multiple assets at once so you can plan downtime.  This will significantly reduce maintenance downtime, especially during your busy periods.

5. CMMS Continues to Optimize Your Fixed Asset Maintenance

Using a CMMS System allows those employees involved in preventative maintenance to really get to grips with your processes and enhances their knowledge on each Fixed Asset which helps your business.  When employees understand your Fixed Assets better, your business benefits because processes become even easier to follow and more streamlined.  This helps your business to run smoother than before, with fewer hiccups and shutdowns especially as there's less margin for error and far fewer breakdowns.  Remember, CMMS Systems have excellent reporting features, with instant alerts helping your team to deal with issues before they impact your business, make changes and plan in advance.  This keeps your business running better than ever before.

In Conclusion

Finally, technology gives businesses so much more scope for better processes in terms of maintenance, not to mention the added benefit of being able to reduce maintenance cost.  With the best will in the world, if you have state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in your business, using old-fashioned methods to monitor maintenance will still slow down business processes especially as today, so many tech-savvy organizations rely on on-the-go tech using maintenance mobile apps to take care of their Fixed Assets.  Your technology should match your modern equipment and deliver slick, economical and competent maintenance operations.  For inventory software alone, choose a product that's able to cope with multiple requirements and cover off as much automation as possible.  Mojodat Inventory is one of the best systems available, and is used by industries cross-sector all around the world.

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